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Isabell Adolph – Bleau Boulderwear

“I am Isi and live climbing and bouldering as a passion leisure, performance and holiday since I am 8 years old. In addition, I have always been vaulting on the side and in winter I like to go skiing in the mountains. In general, one can say that I enjoy exercise and prefer to practice it as versatile, creative and demanding as possible, preferably in the fresh air of the countryside or the mountains.”

Isabell Adolph

Date of birth: 15 April 2019

Place of birth: Sauerlach

Place of residence: Sauerlach

Successes on the rock / block
On the rope
– Skywalker 8a, Morsbach, Germany
– Velvet gold mine 27 (7c+) Grampians (Australia)
– Popcorn 7c, Morsbach, Germany
– Lazy Mooneli (V10/ 7c+), Grampians
– Backgammon (7c), Cresciano
– Cave Girl (V9/ 7c), Grampians
– The Walker (V9/ 7c), Grampians
– Anagramma (V9/ 7c), Grampians
…and some more problems 7b and harder
Competition successes
– Bavarian Boulder Youth Champion 2015
– 4th place German Boulder Championship at Friedrichshafen 2018
– 5th place German Bouldercup at Hannover 2015
– 3rd place South German & Bavarian Boulder Championship Tübingen 2018
– 3rd place German Boulder Youth Cup (Youth A)
– German Boulder Youth Vice Champion (Youth B)
– 1 World Cup Start 2018 & 1 European Championship Start at the Adults 2015
Why did I choose Bleau?
I liked Bleau from the very beginning and because it was authentic. The vision and passion that are inherent in the brand are clearly reflected in the products. I love how Bleau Boulderwear combines enthusiasm for sports with functionality, sustainability and cool design. The clothes are simply super comfortable to wear, I have full freedom of movement and simply feel comfortable in the cool “climbing look” clothes.
When did you climb your first block? 
I was bouldering on the rock for the first time in 2008 in Ticino, Switzerland, when I was 9 years old.
How much does bouldering determine your life? 
Exciting question. I can’t say that in general. Sometimes more and sometimes less. In any case, it has shaped my life very much and it belongs to the greatest chapters that determine my life. Sometimes it’s all about training (3-5 times a week), sometimes I’m less active myself and just passively follow what my climbing friends are doing in competitions and on the rock. Once a week I can always look forward to passing on my experience to my Boulder kids group. Also in my “real” jobs I always have something to do with bouldering. And when on vacation I go climbing, but then next I go somewhere else. So no matter if I am doing it actively or not – my mind is always on bouldering!
What is “The Spirit of fontainebleau” for you?
In Bleau everything feels so relaxed, cosy and at home. Font is less about “heavy” bouldering than about bouldering and holidays!  A tasty “Pain au Chocolate” from the little village baker in the morning, a parcours in the forest as a warm up, baguette and cheese for lunch on the rock and then admiring the older men alias “Bleausards”. Checking out a few classics and some tearing on a few heavy things to end the day. And calling it a day  with a pleasant oven fire and dinner together in the evening. 😊
What is your favorite area and your favorite boulder in Fontainebleau?
Puhhh I can’t say that. There are so many highlight boulders and so many different great areas. Maybe it’s a bit like asking: what’s your favorite dessert? Sometimes you want a light refreshing sorbet, sometimes you feel like a “heavy” mousse au chocolat and on another day you’re just in the mood for Mama’s famous Kaiserschmarren, which you’ve eaten all your life but which is always deluxe again.
What inspires you next to bouldering? 
I am definitely a family person and enjoy playing evenings, cosy sitting or eating together. Food is generally a sticking point – you can always get me with it and make me happy. But whether it’s hiking, skiing or reading in the garden – I just love being outdoors! That can be longer and further away, because travelling has a very special incentive for me and the climbing shoes slip quickly into my luggage.