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Sustainability – Bleau Boulderwear


Sustainability as a challenge

Terms such as nutrition, recycling and fair trade are currently intensely debated. Our consumption behavior has changed and takes its toll in increasing environmental pollution caused by dirt and harmful substances.
Although the awareness of people and companies is growing increasingly for this topic, unfortunately, it is still mostly the profit that comes first for many.

For this reason, we would like to take Bleau as a good example and set a signal. Bleau has set itself the task of producing environmentally friendly products of high quality and durability. No compromises were made.
Sustainable, fair, innovative – quality that knows how to convince.
The first milestone has been set and many more will follow.

For us, sustainability is a matter of the heart and not a marketing-strategy – we hope you recognize the difference.

Thank you for your trust.

Bleau - europa

Used textiles:

Tencel (Lyocell)

Tencel is a fiber derived from eucalyptus trees sourced from sustainably managed, certified plantations (Forest Stewardship Council). The nearly closed production cycle uses only non-toxic solvents. Tencel is particularly moisture-regulating, dries quickly and feels very soft on the skin. It ensures optimum thermal management of the body, is antibacterial, robust and 100% biodegradable.

Organic cotton

Bio is used to avoid the enormous use of pesticides and insecticides commonly used in conventional cotton production. In addition, organic cotton requires less irrigation effort.
In this way, biodiversity, the health of the ecosystem and the well-being of our customers will be supported.

Recycled polyamide

Polyamide, a synthetic fibre used in the production of our leggings, has been recycled from industrial waste and therefore protects the environment in two ways. No new mineral oil or unnecessary energy is used or consumed for the production and industrial waste is used constructively. Polyamide, in contrast to polyester, which is very often used for the production of leggings, shows substantially more resistance when it comes to abrasion and tearing. It is also extremely breathable and wrinkle-free.

(Recycled) Elastane

Elastane is a chemically produced fibre that we use in small quantities to make our fabrics more dimensionally stable and elastic, so that bouldering can be achieved with as much freedom of movement as possible. In part, we already use recycled elastane, which was obtained from industrial waste.