“I am a competition athlete. I practice rock climbing for 17 years, most indoor but outdoor each time I can. I am a high level french athlete indoor, and I am routesetter for 4 years.”

Théo Langlois

Date of birth: 22 June 1990

Place of birth: Coutances, Normandy, France

Place of residence: Between Fontainebleau and Paris

Successes at the rock / block
I did some 8th degree boulders in font, like rainbow rocket, Taipan, La balance and some others

Competition successes
I was french championship finalist, french team training partner and I won this season french cup overall

Why did I choose to be a Bleau athlete?
I chose it because they defend values I agree with, like economic and ecoligic and ethic principes.

When did you climb your first block?
It was too long time ago to remembre it , more than 10 years I guess

What role does bouldering play in your life?
It is all my life. This is my pation and my work. I get up every morning thinking about bouldering, and go to sleep every night the same way.

How do you prepare for your next project?
I am curently waiting for good conditions, good weather, not to hot and not too cold. I have to practice slab too 😉

What is “The spirit of Fontainebleau” for you?
This is being a good person, share moments and experiences with friends and unknown people like they were friends too. It’s respect nature, animals and people like myself.

What is your favorite area and your favorite boulder in Fontainebleau?
My favorite area is Isatis I guess… this is where I did my favorites boulders and there is many of my projects. Le rempart is too (bas cuvier area)

What inspires you next to bouldering?
I want to become stronger to climb every lines that inspire me !

What is your favourite piece from the Bleau collection?
The 95.2 T-shirt (black) is my favorite ! Confortable, stretch and nice design !

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